Conversion-Focused Website Audit


Do you have pages on your website that are okay, but not knocking your conversion goals out of the park? Or do you need some quick wins with an even quicker turnaround? 

Then you need an expert conversion copywriter to evaluate your site and provide actionable insights to help you reach your goals. Add the Conversion-Focused Website Audit to your cart today and receive a full review of your web copy within the next 7 business days. With this audit, you’ll get:

  • An in-depth review of the copy and messaging on 3 pages of your website
  • A thorough 30-60 minute video breakdown and analysis with transcript
  • A 100% custom report with prioritized recommendations
  • Sample copy ideas for key areas like headlines

It's like having an expert conversion copywriter on retainer without the frustration of sitting on a waiting list, the hassle of a formal contract, or the expense of a full engagement.

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Although I had time and budget constraints, Kara quickly revised critical web copy to make it more customer-focused. Her work helped me launch my new business on the right foot.

- Mark Chase, Real Estate Advisor -

Why hire me for a website audit?

While I also write amazingly high-converting copy, here are a few reasons you should consider an audit first.

Quick Fix You need your current website or landing page copy to work harder and convert visitors faster. With an audit, you get specific optimization suggestions you can implement immediately. 

Low Initial Investment A website audit is the perfect option if you don't currently have the budget for a custom copywriting engagement, want to avoid being waitlisted, or want a low-risk way to see if I'm the right copywriter for you. 

Expert Consultation Gain the experience and time-tested methods of an expert conversion copywriter without the overhead. Cut through the corporate red tape to get results fast.

100% Money-Back Guarantee Yes, you read that correctly! Most likely, I'll find a ton of ways you can optimize your pages for higher conversions. But if your copy is already top notch and I don't have at least 3 performance-improving suggestions when I review your site, I'll refund your questions asked. 

What's included in your website audit?

Comprehensive Review I'll go over every headline, word, button, and callout to see where you can make improvements to yield higher conversion rates. I'll also provide feedback on user experience changes that could improve conversions.

Report & Action Steps Use this PDF report detailing my assessment and suggestions as a roadmap you can immediately follow to optimize your pages.

Video Breakdown & Analysis Not only do you receive a detailed written report, but you also get a live over-the-shoulder perspective of my review and thought process during the audit. This will provide more context for the feedback provided in my report. 

Sample Copy Options During the review, I will also provide sample copy options for prominent copy like headlines that are 100% customized to your business. 

The process:

  • Immediately following your order, you'll receive a questionnaire to fill out that lets me know which pages you'd like reviewed and some details about your business. 
  • Once I receive your responses, I'll get to work on your website audit to capture first impressions and improvement recommendations. This step will be completed within 7 business days. 
  • Once I've completed your website audit, I'll invite you to your project Dropbox where you can view and download my report and video breakdown and analysis. 
  • Lastly, we'll schedule a 30-minute video call so I can answer any questions you have.  

What do my amazing clients say?

 "Kara is a strategic and insightful collaborator, not afraid to take on some of the most difficult communications challenges. I was impressed with how she could capture client customer personas and turn them into actionable pieces that delivered results."

Kathy McDonald Leadership Development

"Kara is a strong content marketing strategist and key messaging expert. She has an eye for technical marketing content and telling a story that resonates with the audience. Kara’s dependable, trustworthy and has impeccable ethics and integrity. "

Ray Kemper Marketing VP

Book your website audit now!

Reason 1: Optimize pages immediately to deliver quick wins and look like a hero.

Reason 2: $887 is a low investment for rapid-turnaround expert copy analysis.  

Reason 3: It's risk-free! Get your money back if I can't suggest at least 3 ways you can improve your pages (but you can expect a TON more than that!).